特別上映 ダムタイプ/Special Screening: dumb type

* English follows Japanese.
* The numbered day tickets will be issued from 10:45am on each day.






《036-Pleasure Life》(1987年)初演:1987年,81分
《Pleasure Life》(1988年)初演:1988年,59分


  • 上映開始後の途中入場はできません.
  • 小学生以下の方は入場いただけません.


  • ご鑑賞希望日の7日前0:00より,前日24:00まで予約可能です.
  • 予約できる枚数は,1回のお申し込みにつき1枚までです.
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  • 開場は,各上映開始時刻の15分前です.開場以降は,到着順にご案内させていただきます.
  • 各回とも当日券(補助席)を若干数ご用意します.当日10時45分より,ICCエントランスにて配布開始します.
  • 予約された時間帯の開始時刻にICCシアターにいらっしゃらない場合は,キャンセルとみなします.
  • ICCに到着後,受付でのご案内(お手荷物のお預りなどを含む)を経てシアターにお進みください.時間には余裕をもってお越しくださるようお願いいたします.
  • 事前予約で満席になっていない時間帯につきましては,当日ご来場の方にご鑑賞いただける場合があります.詳しくは会場のスタッフにお問い合わせください.




特別上映 ダムタイプ
会場:NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC] 4階 シアター
主催:NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC](東日本電信電話株式会社)
住所:〒163-1404 東京都新宿区西新宿3-20-2 東京オペラシティタワー4階
お問い合わせ:フリーダイヤル 0120-144199(10:00-18:00)

--- 以下英語 ---

‘dumb type’ was formed in 1984, whose members studied at Kyoto City University of Arts. They are one of the most important groups of artists in Japan that have shown their cutting-edge art works and performances at many museums and art centers internationally. Its members specialized in visual art, art, music, design, architecture and dance collaborate to create performance, installation, printed matters and CD. The structure of each collaborative project differs. In recent years they mainly worked overseas, focused on balance between technology and humanity.

In conjunction with the solo exhibition “Dumb Type | Actions + Reflections” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 7 videos of their performances, from 1987 will be screened.


“036-Pleasure Life” (1987), premiere: 1987, 81 min.
“Pleasure Life” (1988), premiere: 1988, 59 min.
“pH” (1992), premiere: 1990, 66 min.
“S/N” (2005), premiere: 1994, 86 min.
“OR” (1998), premiere: 1997, 68 min.
“memorandum” (2000), premiere: 1999, 75 min.
“Voyage” (2004), premiere: 2002, 69 min.

【Important matters】

  • After the start of the screening, you may not enter the theater.
  • 12 years old and younger are not allowed to see these programs.

【Before reservation】

【On Site】

  • Doors open 15minutes before the start time.
  • Some seats will be added for each screening. The numbered day tickets for these seats will be issued from 10:45am on each day at the ICC entrance.
  • Please come to the ICC Theater at the start time of your reservation, or your reservation will be considered to be invalid.
  • When you arrived at ICC, please visit the reception at first for general information. It takes about 5 minutes to go to the ICC Theater after your arrival.
  • Visitors without a reservation can experience the work at empty sessions. Please ask the staff.


If you wish to request for ticket cancelation, please contact the event organizer directly.
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【Event Outline】

Special Screening: dumb type
Date: January 18–March 1, 2020
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] 4F Theater
Hours: 11:00am–6:00pm
Closed: Mondays (If Monday is a holiday, then Tuesday), Maintenance day (February 9)
Admission free
Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)
Address: Tokyo Opera City Tower 4F, 3-20-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1404 Japan
Access: 2 minutes walk from Hatsudai Station East Exit on the Keio New Line
Inquiries: Toll-free Telephone 0120-144199 (Domestic only)
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Jan 18 - Mar 1, 2020
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM JST
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1/18 [Sat] 14:40《036-Pleasure Life》 FULL
1/19 [Sun] 13:00《Pleasure Life》 FULL
1/21 [Tue] 11:20《Voyage》 FULL
1/21 [Tue] 16:20《memorandum》 FULL
1/22 [Wed] 14:40《OR》 FULL
1/23 [Thu] 13:00《S/N》 FULL
1/24 [Fri] 11:20《pH》 FULL
1/24 [Fri] 16:20《Pleasure Life》 FULL
1/25 [Sat] 14:40《pH》 FULL
1/26 [Sun] 13:00《S/N》 FULL
1/28 [Tue] 11:20《036-Pleasure Life》 FULL
1/28 [Tue] 16:20《Voyage》 FULL
1/29 [Wed] 14:40《memorandum》 FULL
1/30 [Thu] 13:00《OR》 FULL
1/31 [Fri] 11:20《S/N》 FULL
1/31 [Fri] 16:20《pH》 FULL
2/1 [Sat] 14:40《OR》 FULL
2/2 [Sun] 13:00《memorandum》 FULL
2/4 [Tue] 11:20《Pleasure Life》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/4 [Tue] 16:20《036-Pleasure Life》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/5 [Wed] 14:40《Voyage》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/6 [Thu] 13:00《memorandum》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/7 [Fri] 11:20《OR》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/7 [Fri] 16:20《S/N》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/8 [Sat] 14:40《Voyage》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/11 [Tue] 13:00《036-Pleasure Life》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/12 [Wed] 11:20《pH》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/12 [Wed] 16:20《Pleasure Life》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/13 [Thu] 14:40《036-Pleasure Life》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/14 [Fri] 13:00《Voyage》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/15 [Sat] 11:20《Pleasure Life》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/15 [Sat] 16:20《pH》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/16 [Sun] 14:40《S/N》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/18 [Tue] 13:00《memorandum》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/19 [Wed] 11:20《OR》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/19 [Wed] 16:20《S/N》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/20 [Thu] 14:40《pH》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/21 [Fri] 13:00《Pleasure Life》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/22 [Sat] 11:20《OR》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/22 [Sat] 16:20《memoramdum》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/23 [Sun] 14:40《Voyage》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/24 [Mon] 13:00《036-Pleasure Life》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/26 [Wed] 11:20《036-Pleasure Life》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/26 [Wed] 16:20《Voyage》(open: 16:05) FULL
2/27 [Thu] 14:40《memorandum》(open: 14:25) FULL
2/28 [Fri] 13:00《OR》(open: 12:45) FULL
2/29 [Sat] 11:20《Pleasure Life》(open: 11:05) FULL
2/29 [Sat] 16:20《pH》(open: 16:05) FULL
3/1 [Sun] 14:40《S/N》(open: 14:25) FULL
Venue Address
新宿区西新宿3丁目20−2 東京オペラシティタワー4階 Japan
NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC]/NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]